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Rainbow hues~

I see a rainbow in the sky,
a spectrum of colours way up high,
and as i turn to glance around,
i notice rainbow colour abound.
RED is the rose,
inspiration to compose,
the symbol of passion,
for a special ocassion.
ORANGE is the sun,
the trendsetter of fun,
warm lovely feeling,
smiles and laughter reeling.
YELLOW is the canary,
that is perched on a tree,
singing so sweetly,
a symphonic melody.
GREEN are the leaves,
that sway in the breeze,
what natural beauty,
oh, such rarity.
BLUE is the sky, so vast,
so clouds can fly,
a collage of shapes and artistry,
nature's best tapestry.
INDIGO is the horizon,
all the way up to heaven,
north,south, east and west,
it never stops to take a rest.
VIOLET is the nansy,
the flower i gave to nancy,
a symbol of frienship so true,
just like my frienship with you.
#copycat :)